NYC Flash – It’s Almost Time!

T minus 11 days and counting until the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction contest! I popped out onto the forums today and was excited to see so many familiar “faces” participating again this year.

I love the NYC Flash contest for a number of reasons. And last year, I turned out three fun stories over the course of the contest (here and here are two of those three; the third I’ve reworked and submitted for publication, so it’s not on the blog). I was delighted to score well and make it into the semi-final round. This year, I’ll be shooting for the finals!

I’m hoping to get more time to write and blog in the next few months. It’s time to climb back up in the writer’s saddle and see where this pony is going to take me. Writing is certainly an adventure. Sometimes, us weary travelers stop for a rest. But the journey is far from complete! NYC Flash is a perfect kick-starter to get me back into my own story… so to speak 🙂

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