What’s New?

When is the last time you tried something new?

I’m not talking about watching a new movie, or reading a new author, or taking a different path to work. All of those are great… but I’m talking about something else entirely. Something you’ve never attempted before. A task for which you are completely unfit, or something that falls outside the entirety of your personal knowledge base.

I’m thinking back.

I took a glass fusing class a few years ago. It was loads of fun. I made a really pretty dish that now stores loose change and spare keys. The experience was fascinating, and made me wish I could convert my gazebo into an art studio.

The kids and I took a pottery class. We each created two little dishes on the throwing wheel. I could spend hours doing that if I had the supplies and space at home!

I tried hip hop dancing once. Tried lyrical, too. That was a laugh. I solidified my realization that I’m both extremely uncoordinated and entirely willing to look like a dork in front of others.

A few nights ago, I learned how to play the Pokemon card game. Hooray for new, family-friendly pass-times!

Some of the “new” things I’ve tried in the past have stuck and have become a part of my soul. Making music, writing stories, working backstage for theater groups, hiking, camping, sketching, flying airplanes… the list goes on.

As adults, we tend to get stuck, though. We have our routine, and sometimes the thought of breaking out and committing to something new sounds exhausting. However, when in the middle of learning something exciting and interesting, it’s anything but tiresome. Learning and experiencing are the meat of life. They are our purpose.

Speaking in  a general sense, as adults we forget that we are capable of painting our own existence. It’s something that children do every day. Yet as responsible grown-ups, we allow our current reality to dictate our future selves. We limit ourselves to what is, instead of what can be. The curiosity within us dies to the beat of our own monotony, and we forget to play.

I’m itching to attempt…. something. I just don’t know what yet. Or where to even start. I know how good it is for my soul to stretch into new ideas, concepts and skills. Usually when I feel like this, it’s because I see something somewhere that sparks the flame.

Right now, there’s kindling in my soul, but no fuel on the fire.

Throw me ideas, friends. What have you tried? What have you learned? What are your passions that you think everyone should attempt at least once in life?


12 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. What I have learned over time is that I am a lot tougher than I thought I was.  Was raised in an Ozzie and Harriet household with little expected of me.   After divorcing my first husband, I was a mess and didn’t think I could even remember my name.  But instead got a job as a receptionist and advanced to  regional manager of Community Development Lending over six states.    Also found I don’t mind getting my hands dirty when I helped build our cabin.  Learned a lot about building – didn’t even know how to use a hammer at first.  Dan’s dad taught me.   When Dan passed away have learned how to fix toilets, lighting, and many other items around the home that I never thought I could do.  By pushing my self a little, found that anything is possible.  Just try it.   Keep pushing myself a little all the time to get out and try new experiences with new people.  It is scary at times, but have learned from each experience a little about myself.           


  2. This year so far – I’ve tried Aerial Yoga – twice – and the Happy Holi festival (the throwing of the colors!!!) Both were wonderful and after the end of a long winter, a great reminder that I need to get out and have adventures for myself.


    1. We have epic Nerf gun battles at my house… we even build cover…. it is epic urban warfare. LOL

      And yeah, I’ve played flute since I was 8… even semi-professionally for several years (you can literally make tens of dollars in the folk music industry). Also play hammered dulcimer and fiddle, but not very well.

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        1. Any interest in doing cycling events? To be honest, I haven’t done a pure cycling event. The runs and tris keep me pretty busy, but I’m sure I will do one someday. Not that you need an event to be active, I just happen to enjoy them 🙂


          1. Maybe in the fall… my problem with AZ and anything outdoors is heatstroke. I get it very easily. But I used to do my fair share of cycling… not like races or anything, just rides 🙂 I’ve done some cycling tourism, too. I loved that! Talk about a way to see a region… you see every blade of grass 🙂

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            1. True, true, although I can kind of handle cycling in the summer. Running KILLS me. Although I live in a relatively mild corner of the state compared to you 🙂


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