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Life is… Just Write

Last week, I began pondering my own breed of inspirational affirmations. Over the weekend, I did nothing. I would say literally nothing, but I know my heart was beating and my lungs were working. I’m almost certain a couple neurons fired. But beyond autonomic activity, my weekend was one of sedentary goodness. It was the first weekend in months where we didn’t have a million things to do. Moreover, it was a free weekend where I didn’t invent things to do, just so I wouldn’t have to be still with my thoughts.

When I jokingly demanded that my quiet weekend not end, a friend unwittingly suggested that I quit my job and become the next JK Rowling. Wouldn’t that be something? The sad part is: that was the plan. Well, quitting the job was the plan. The JK Rowling part remains to be seen. Regardless, I was set to be a full-time writer. Then life happened.

I’ve posted a bit about how the last couple months have thrown me for a loop. The long and short of it is, three days before I was supposed to quit my day job, my husband, through no fault of his own, lost his job in a completely stupid contract-pissing-match between a couple of companies.

I’ll insert a word of gratitude here that the loss occurred before I left my job, and not after. I’ll add to that an immense gratefulness to my boss and company for taking pity on us and allowing me to continue working. And I’ll further give myself a handful of props for all that schooling and years of continued employment and learning; my job pays the bills.

I also have to hand heaps of credit to my husband, who is amazing at what he does, and we both know that he’ll find another position in the near future. IT upper management jobs are a bit hard to come by in our area, and moving isn’t an option. But he’s tenacious, talented and driven. And he’s my best friend and teammate. We make a formidable pair.

I can’t complain.

But sometimes I still do.

(Oh come on, you knew that was coming. And now you’re singing, thanks to Joe Walsh.)

My friend’s comment got me thinking though…

JK Rowling didn’t become JK Rowling because she quit her job.

She worked. She wrote on the train. She raised her kids. She used her support network and took to writing over tea on the weekends at a local coffee shop.

In other words, she did exactly what I’ve been doing all along. I share a handful of circumstances with my personal hero, and can learn a lot by taking a long, hard look at how she came about her success.

I haven’t stopped writing in the last two months, though I would be lying if I said I’ve attacked it with the intensity I had prior to life happening. I have my outline for book two. There are beta edits I need to get into book one before I send it off to the agents who want to read it. Much of that work is sitting in a heap on my desk while I lick my wounds.

Like I said in the last post, the last two months have run the gamut of emotion. After the initial shock wore off, I was all

get-out-the-way-got-important-owl-shit-to-doThat lasted a few days. Then it was more like an interchangeable array of the following…

Frustration+ever+been+so+frustrated+you+turn+into+a+statue_ad7bf3_3493965 funny-tired-dog-pics life-after-graduation-71263 lolcats-funny-pictures-angermanagement

And I spent more time than I care to admit feeling like this….

sadnessAnd yet, during the last two months, I’ve had some amazing things happen. I sent out my book to beta readers and received heaps of helpful feedback. I was approached by the Better Family Habits blog, and have contributed a couple articles to their awesome family blog — the most recent of which is fresh off the digital-presses and published as of today. I have a lead on possibly publishing a travel article based off my recent stay at the Omni Scottsdale resort.

I’ve taken it upon myself to make some amazing things happen, even when I didn’t want to. I still got up every day and went to work. I got a FitBit, and let my compulsive nature with figures and charts take over my fitness goals. Nothing motivates me to get off my ass more than a little device constantly telling me I’m slacking off in graphical format. I’ve set up date nights with my husband, and we’ve had some fun and enjoyable moments… albeit begrudgingly on my part at times.

So yeah, life sucks. And life is great. And life is everything in between. If I want to be the next JK Rowling… or better yet, if I intend on being the first and only Shanan Winters… then the writing has to happen no matter what. In joy and in sadness, in sickness and in health. In peace and in frustration, and while counting backward from ten. Life is. Just write.

5 thoughts on “Life is… Just Write

    1. There is that! I fell short of my camp NaNo goal by about 8K. But at the same time, I produced a couple paid articles (made up about 3K of that) and I did a bunch of world building. It’s hard to quantify, but I’ll call it a break-even on the goal… even if it’s just making myself feel better. LOL

      And thanks!! I love the writing community… all of us have a unique attack on this lofty and nebulous goal of “able to eat because I make up stories.” It’s a very supportive crowd we have 🙂

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