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Today’s Existential Quandary

Here-Comes-the-SunDuring a discussion about writing author bios the other day, one of the conversation participants said, “It’s like that exercise to figure out exactly who you are…. like, if someone was going to write three words in a summoning circle to summon you, what would they be?”

And while the idea opened up a whole host of plot ideas for me, it left me asking myself what my three words would be.

When I think of word combinations like, “Mother, Wife, Author” it seems so surface-level-obvious. Well no shit. Me and everyone else who writes while living with a family. Maybe I should reach for words that others have used to describe me: “Imaginative, Intelligent, Kind.” But then, I’ve also been called air-headed, goofy and downright nutso. I’ve had people accuse me of being other things, too (that aren’t so complimentary)… maybe even warranted at times.

But does it matter what others think? I wouldn’t think that anyone would be summonable based on someone else’s opinion. That doesn’t seem plausible.

But, you know… summoning circles are totally real.


Anyway, the point is… I have no idea what three words I’d use, or if they’d even be the same tomorrow if I was to settle on some today. If I had to pick words today, they would be “unimaginative, bored and tired.” That’s probably evidenced by this blog post.

So what would your summoning circle say? And do you think this is even a practical method for approaching the writing of your personal biography?

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