World Autsim awareness Day story by Shanan Winters

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Shanan Wintersis a freelance writer and novelist living in the Phoenix metropolitan area. She has avid interests in geek topics and fandoms, issues of parenting, Autism awareness, cooking, gardening and natural living. You can find Shanan athttps://shananwinters.wordpress.com.

Today is April 2nd; better known as World Autism Awareness Day. It’s also the day my son was born. Nine years ago, I held a perfect little baby boy in my arms for the first time, but only after the nurses and respiratory therapists had brought him back from the brink of death. He was born blue, and in that 30 seconds that followed his birth, I thought for sure I’d lost him. He proved to be a fighter, and came through it.

As he aged, he was healthy and happy, but we noticed that he acted differently than his older siblings had. He had extremely compulsive tendencies, wouldn’t…

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