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This one is for Caroline over at Ice Cream for Zombies.

Commune of Writopia

Writopia is a multi-cultural nation, populated entirely by authors and their families. They refer to the native language as “Art”. In Writopia, all writers have a safe and stable home from which they may hone their craft. There are only two types of shops in Writopia: Bookstores and coffee houses. Sometimes, they are combined into literary cafes. There are nearly as many cats as there are people in Writopia. The country has no police force, as its citizens are mostly content to sit and read while drinking coffee and petting cats. Occasionally, they also write.

Map of Writopia*
* Writopia exists in any number of literary worlds, and moves location regularly. Check back for current location before planning your trip.
Coat of Arms
Capital Proper nouns, starts of sentences, and varying other conditions, based on style manual in use.
Religion Used as a plot device, but never for governing of citizens.
Government Commune. We take it in turns to act as sort of an executor of the week…
Geographical Area The boundaries are constantly being pushed, but it’s always as large as it needs to be.
Imports Books, coffee, kittens, pens, paper and Internet service.
Exports Books, blog posts, articles and sarcasm.

Tips for Visiting Writopia

If you are planning a trip to Writopia, please be aware that its citizens will, in no uncertain terms, stalk you, study you and probably use you in one of their future works. They are professional eavesdroppers, intensely curious about the world outside themselves.

You may see the citizens of Writopia gathered in small groups, reading aloud from stacks of paper. This is normal behavior. Please observe from a respectable distance, and try not to interrupt.

While in Writopia, be aware of their very basic laws:

1) Don’t be a dick.

2) If you ask for critique, offer your services in kind.

3) A writer at work must be left to her task, unless she happens to see a video of a cute kitten on the Internet. Then she may squirrel all she wants.

4) Do not point out cute kitten videos to a writer at work.

5) Do make offerings of coffee to the writer at work, but do so silently.

6) Feel free to browse the bookstores, and please, please buy their books!

When leaving Writopia, do not be surprised if you’ve had your convictions challenged and your mind opened to new ideas. Go with it. Enjoy it. Take it back with you to the natural world.

4 thoughts on “Writopia

  1. Reblogged this on Shanan Winters and commented:

    The #5 post of 2015 is probably my favorite of the year. I remember that I wrote it based off a conversation that Caroline (Ice Cream for Zombies) and I had, but for the life of me, I’m not sure what prompted such wit. That’s how inspirational friends work, though… we give each other the platform from which to jump.
    I could really used a visit to Writopia about now!


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