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Waiting for Beta

I’m really not patient sometimes. Especially if I’m excited about something. You know, like my debut novel being in the hands of beta readers, and waiting to hear feedback.

Did you hear that? It was the sound of a clock ticking. Backward.

Heavy sigh.

I beta read for people, too. I have one open on my desktop right now that I have to get back to and finish, because she’s waiting on me as much as I’m waiting on my readers! I know we all have lives, and jobs, and kids, and responsibilities like feeding ourselves and occasionally sleeping (I say at 5:04 AM, after being up for an hour already). It’s just so bloody exciting to know that my work is being read!

I also realized that a couple of my readers truly hate reading a whole novel on the screen in PDF format. This is the point where I go, “Wow, I certainly am glad I’m a writer in the year 2015! Because for just a few dollars per copy, I can go Create Space this puppy and get paperback proofs!”

We really are spoiled nowadays.

risingcoverfrontSo that’s exactly what I did. I pulled down the Create Space Word template, formatted my manuscript, and used their cover creator to make a cheesy, makeshift cover. I even added some front matter! And while I know it’s not an “official” version, or anything that’s going to get published for the world to buy and read, it’s still very exciting.

On Friday, I will hold it in my hands my debut novel. The first one that’s made it out the gates. The first one I’ve had faith in enough to say, “Yes, I will share this with the world.” The one where I’ve realized I love the characters, the ideas and the world I’ve created enough to want to write more about them.

So while I wait (impatiently) for this very real, tangible token of the reality of my dream to hit my doorstep, I’m working on book 2. World building, and plotting and scheming, oh my! There are also a dozen other projects rattling around in my brain. I definitely have enough to keep me busy!

But for a moment on Friday, I will pause. I will hold Rising in my hands, and flip through the pages. I’ll enjoy the freshly-printed-book scent with a whole new reverence. It will be MY book that I’m holding. And I really just can not wait!

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