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Another Round of Done

dannykessaIt’s kind of awesome, just how many times a writer “finishes” writing a novel.

I was done writing at the end of December. It has officially taken me longer to edit Rising than it did to write it. I’ve been told that’s a very good thing.

The structural edit process is elation, frustration and disbelief all wrapped together. There were moments where I would read a section and say, “Yes! That was awesome!” I found that I still laughed out loud at my own jokes. And then there were those other sections. Plot holes. Ghost narration. Inconsistencies. Oh my!

*Insert screaming and ripping of the hair*

Writing a book is definitely a lot of work. It also requires a lot of thought and down time. I admit, I wasn’t working solidly the last three months. There were weeks when I wouldn’t even look at my manuscript. I worked on other projects. I worked on nothing at all. I let parts of the story simmer on the back burner, and I had long conversations with my characters when I couldn’t sleep at night.

The last round of answers that I needed came to me on the drive to work earlier this week. I spent a few days, working in my spare moments, pulling together the last wildly-flailing strings, to create what I think is the first passable version of this novel.

And I love it.

Like, in love. I’d go to the ends of the Earth for this book. I’d shout my devotion to it from rooftops.

But in lieu of taking long trips or challenging my fear of heights to a duel, I settled for the logical next step. My manuscript is in the hands of my first round of beta readers. I’m anxiously awaiting their responses. And I’m plotting, plotting, plotting. Because Kessa and Danny have a lot more adventure left in them.

This round of “done” simply marks yet another beginning.

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