Terrible Minds 100 Word Challenge

Chuck Wendig offered up a 100 word flash challenge.  I can’t pass that up!  I love flash!

So I wrote this.

It’s totally off the cuff, but here you go!

Gone – 94 Words

15614546091_9858c61ccd_bShe avoided the wind.

But it wasn’t windy yesterday or the day before, and she still wasn’t here.

Bob exhaled smoke and envied the gale as it ripped the clouds apart. She was perfect. A loner. Patterns of behavior like clockwork. Never looked up from her book.

Beads of sweat dripped from Bob’s forehead and he wrung his hands around the tablecloth.

His heartbeat hammered in his ears. Eyes welled.

Three days now. She’d broken her pattern.

The lust cleared from his mind. Startled realization crept up his spine.

He worried for her safety.

7 thoughts on “Terrible Minds 100 Word Challenge

    1. Hahah That’s the problem with flash fiction and word count restrictions! You have to create a complete story arc with character development in a very short span. It exercises so great writerly muscles. And yeah, sometimes they do become longer pieces. This one definitely has potential.


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