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baby's room, fragment of the interiorGo check out my latest article on A Fine Parent, How to Have a Clutter Free Home.

The idea of decluttering is apropos to my current state of mind.

First of all – regardless of how fun and breezy this article is, we slacked off for a week… thus I spent most of yesterday decluttering the house.

And second, I am 15 days away from changing careers to full-time freelance writer. Cleaning out the corners and organizing for a home business has become an all-consuming activity that is taking much and more of my free time.  The good news is: Once I switch over to full-time writer, I’ll have more time to devote to the blog.  The bad news is: It’s probably going to be pretty quiet around here for a couple months until the dust settles. But stick with me! Pretty soon, I’ll be sharing all sorts of tips and insights from my new career.  It’s getting close, and I’m pretty stoked!


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