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Narrating Life in Haiku

Haiku-3Is it just me, or is haiku the BEST way to add narrative to everyday life? I write them mentally. I wake up to verse popping in and out of my head. The sad part is, I rarely write them down.

Now I’ve been invited to participate in a Renhai project.  I’d never heard of this before.  The basic idea is that two people collaborate to produce a single, haiku-based, thematic poem.  More information can be found at Renhai Studio.

I’m excited about this project because 1) it’ll encourage me to write my haiku down, and 2) writing collaboratively is something I really love, but haven’t done for eons.

And to kick off the notion of getting poetry out of my head and into the world, let me give you what I woke up to this morning:

Stateless transformation

Marking time against the wind

Permanence? Illusion.

– Shanan Winters

Image Credit: OnlyNativeJapan

One thought on “Narrating Life in Haiku

  1. I’ve done collaboratives with JD. My fav though are solos. Have some published last year in the international poetry blog Whidpers.

    Looking forward to hearing about your progress

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