January 1st Was a Big, Big Day


I ushered in the new year with a whole lot of positive action. Barnes & Noble didn’t open early enough, but that was ok; I ran other errands, and then went back this afternoon and found my perfect day-planner for the new year.  It’s small enough to fit in my purse, yet has enough room to make notes for each day. There is extra writing room at the beginning of each month – perfect for those monthly goals I’m setting! And the best part? Every week is beautifully illustrated with mandalas and quotes from The Alchemist.  There was exactly one of these beauties left, and it was all mine!  At 50% off. Pro tip: Never buy a calendar or planner  for the new year before January 1st.

On my excursion to Barnes & Noble, I also secured myself a very handy, happy, retro-looking pen that has a rubber stylus on the other end.  It is, by far, my favorite pen ever! I suck at typing on my phone; with this pen, I can avoid the dreaded autocorrect!  Ok, mostly. Whatever. It’s shiny.

While sitting in Barnes & Noble, sipping at my peppermint mocha, I struggled furiously with loglines for Rising.  I wrote five or six separate loglines. Next to one I wrote “weak.”  Next to another I just put a sad face.  I hit up an author-friend who has the distinctive pleasure (??) of reading the rough cut of my novel. She sent me some ideas, and I toyed with them.  After an hour-plus of extreme frustration, I finally narrowed it down to about 45 words that I don’t absolutely hate.  It’s almost ready for a big reveal. That will happen with flourishes, and celebrations, and its own page on the blog.  At least that last one will happen…

But the most exciting positive action of today: I registered for the San Francisco Writer’s Conference, being held in February!  I’ve wanted to attend this conference for a few years, but never felt like it was worth my time and money.  Not because of the conference, but because: Me.  I didn’t want to spend all that money and fly all that way to tell prospective agents, “You’re going to see me back some day.”

I have a novel written. I’ve started editing. By the time I get to San Francisco in February, it’ll be mostly polished and in the hands of additional beta readers. I’ll also have a memorized elevator pitch and a solid query letter. I even have business cards. (I’m so legit) All of these factors make me feel like I’m ready to take this next step. I have great feelings about this conference, and I’m really hoping to jump off that springboard and launch into the ocean of publication!

So, while Rising is currently sitting on my hard drive going I IS NOVEL! I HAS PLUT N CHRCTRS!  I know that soon, it will be like, “Hello, I’m a beautifully constructed story that will knock you on your ass and leave you begging for more. Please, with all due respect, publish me immediately.”  I feel like I’m really ready to be who I’m supposed to be, and I’m capable of living my dream.  A lot happened today that propelled me forward, and I’m riding high on literary momentum.

5 thoughts on “January 1st Was a Big, Big Day

  1. I love this!!! And your book. *covers mouth* Which I…haven’t…read… *looks around* Seriously I want like ten copies when you publish it. It’s fantastic. And I totally agree. I’m on page 90 (OMG) of my novel finally, so close to 100 I could pee my pants (the most pages I’ve ever written for anything ever), and can’t wait to get done so I can start editing. But what you say is true. The first draft is like the drunk Uncle you have to sober up and dress nicely for the family gathering. But it is what it is, and editing is a process and…distinct…joy (ahem) in and of itself. Although it’s much more distinct when you do it and I get it back and go “oooooo shiny”. But that’s because you rock.

    Anyway. Totally relate to this, and I love, love, love it and this and you. Muah!


  2. Reblogged this on Shanan Winters and commented:

    I’m sad to be missing the SFWC this year, but last year’s conference gave me enough to carry me for a while longer. Still… it’s great to look back and see how far 2015 has brought me in my writing career!


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