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The Year Of…

Happy 2015!  We rang in the new year quietly, as is our way. Neither of us are big fans of huge parties full of drunken strangers. We do, however, love our next door neighbors, so that’s where we were, chatting, playing video games and having a grand time of it.  At one point, my friend said something that’s still resonating with me: “You are a working mother with aspirations beyond your current career; you need times of solitude.”

I think she’s very right.

I already published my list of five resolutions. But there are other thoughts gnawing away at my head, and I feel the profoundness of change this year and the potential behind it.  This new year is a driving force unto itself. Maybe it’s because it skirts in on the coattails of a personal accomplishment. Or it could be that I’m seeing such growth in both of my kids lately.  It could also be the fact that I have a pretty amazing relationship with my significant other.  Whatever it is, I feel energized and driven to make 2015 the Best Year Ever(tm).

2015My 2015 will be the year of….

…Writing.  This one is obvious.  I’m already charging into Book 2 of the Adept Cycle.  I also have this blog, which has become my favorite blog I’ve ever authored. Writing about writing… keeps me writing!

…Fearless Editing. We all know the first draft is crap. It’s time to take the lump of misshapen clay that is Book 1, and turn it into the sculptured piece it’s meant to be.

…Unbridled Confidence. I’m going to need it to talk agents into selling my books!

…Gentle Humbleness Coupled With Gratitude. Seems to contradict the last one, but it’s pretty important to realize that no one reaches their goals alone, and those other people who make it possible need recognition, appreciation and love.

…Generosity. With my time, talents and love.

…Self Appreciation. I’m still pretty stoked that I finished a novel-length work. Knowing I’m capable of reaching my own goals… even the really huge ones… has given me an appreciation for my own abilities. This is a fire that requires stoking. The more goals I set and meet, the more I’ll appreciate and have confidence in my own abilities.

…Self Marketing. I want to be able to point to this blog, my Twitter, my Facebook and other online venues and tell prospective agents, “I come with a ready-made audience.”  Even if it’s a small number, generating interest is always a good thing. I’m willing to do the initial work.  Additionally, I want to work on face-to-face networking, including going to some conferences, talking to people at ComiCon (because, let’s face it… my entire reader base will be walking the exhibit hall), and focus on getting myself out there and making my name at least slightly recognizable.

…Family-Focused Fitness. I need to take care of my body. My family needs to do likewise. Doing it together sounds like infinitely more fun that sweating away at a gym on my own.  We’re starting with ice skating, and we’ll see where we go from there!  Hiking is definitely on my to-do list.

…Playful Exploration. We were looking through landscape photos that my friend had taken, mostly of the local (well, statewide) area and it made me painfully aware of how little of our state my children have seen.  We tend to road-trip to the same locations over and over.  It’s time to see some new sights, and give my kids some new experiences.  We try to take a couple weekenders every year, where we just jump in the van and go.  This year, I want our destinations to involve some get-out-and-walk, so we might find the sights off the beaten path.

…Quiet Contemplation. Going back to the idea of needing solitude — 2015 is the year where I convince myself that taking a day here and there entirely to myself is not somehow cruel and unusual punishment to my family. They really can survive without me for a day.  The thought of grabbing a Groupon deal for an in-town hotel room so I can sit up uninterrupted until 2:00 AM writing while ordering coffee pool-side…. it kind of sounds like heaven.

I’m excited for 2015.  It’s going to be an amazing year, I can already tell.

2 thoughts on “The Year Of…

  1. Sounds like you have great plans for 2015!

    I am jealous of your ability to blog frequently and well. My last post, which was about 800 words, took me about five hours to write and revise to the point I felt good about publishing it. Well, at least willing to publish. I’m never entirely happy… Anyway, my goal for the year is to post something every two weeks. I need to keep the fiction writing up as well 🙂

    Keep me posted on where you go exploring!

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