Great news! This title has nothing to do with the post!

This is a test.  It is only a test.  If this were a real post, there would be useful, interesting or at the very least anecdotal information here.  But instead, have this video….


You see, the other day, I put up a post with the tile “Safety First,” and it was pushed by Facebook to nearly all of my 220 followers.  The next few days, I put up pictures and additional posts, and they were shared with a mere handful.  People who typically see my posts, didn’t.  One of my friends came to check up on me because she was surprised she hadn’t seen anything for a few days.  She was more surprised to see four posts that had gone unshared on her wall.

So I’m SUPER EXCITED! I’m lacing my posts with THE MOST WONDERFUL keywords! Isn’t it GREAT NEWS?!

And yes, I will totally post the results of this little experiment…


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